Iubenda Review 2023 – Details, Pros & Cons, Alternatives

What is iubenda?

Iubenda is the first company of its kind to offer companies that own websites or individuals its help in generating privacy policies, storing user data, public offers, etc. In essence – the company helps websites operate legally in the public space. Since its founding in 2011, Iubenda has snowballed and gained popularity as a sought-after and reliable partner.

The company offers a suite of solutions that helps websites, applications and other software ensure the highest level of compliance with laws and regulations in multiple countries, including the EU. 

How does iubenda work?

At the core of Iubenda are experienced international lawyers who are professionals in their field, offering both comprehensive solutions for companies and individual products such as privacy management, cookie policy generators and more. 

What do You Need to Know About iubenda?

Nobody likes to admit it, but the price is one of the most important things to consider when choosing any product or service. And when it comes to a SaaS platform, price is not an insignificant aspect. Let’s find out what the Iubenda team can offer us, shall we?

iubenda Pricing

When it comes to Compliance for websites and applications, the company offers the following rates for its services:

Basic Pro Ultra
Privacy and Cookie Policy (with limitations) Privacy and Cookie Policy Privacy and Cookie Policy
Cookie Solution Cookie Solution Cookie Solution
Terms and Conditions
Free $29 per year $129 per year


However, if your company or project needs a complete set of solutions for compliance with the law and regulations, a bundled licence can be used. Details and pricing can be seen in the table below:

Personal Bundle Business Bundle Business Plus
1 Pro license 5 License slots 5 License slots
Cookie Solution Cookie Solution Cookie Solution
Cookie Preference Logs
$29 per year $9 per month $22 per month


If you can’t choose and are afraid of making a mistake, fear not. Any of the bundles can be modified to suit your needs and even expanded.

Features of Iubenda

Attorney-Level Compliance Solutions 

Iubenda facilitates the processes for your company to operate in compliance with laws, regulations and the current requirements of operating online,

Privacy Policy

The conditions for the retention, processing and transfer of customer data to third parties are detailed in the laws of many countries and should be stipulated in the privacy policy.

Up to Date Policies

Laws on storing, processing as well as transferring users’ private data are getting stricter all the time. Iubenda will help you keep up to date with all the new legislation.

One Dashboard for Multiple Sites

Own more than one website? Worried about management? We’ve already taken care of that and all the policies for different websites, multiple countries and legislations can be managed from one dashboard.

App Store Compatibility

Full App Store compatibility means you don’t have to worry about violating rules or fiddling with support.

Cookie Policy Activation in One Click

Yes, it’s exactly as it says – one click and it’s done.

Privacy and cookie policy generator

We will generate security policies for you in various languages – English, German, Dutch, French, Italian as well as Portuguese and Spanish. Want to add something to your policies? It is only a few clicks away.

Terms and Conditions Generator

9 languages, user-friendly management, integration with popular frameworks and CMS, regular review of legislation and regulations, and customisation. And all of this conveniently and with minimum effort on the client’s part.

Internal Privacy Management Tool

Many people forget the importance of internal privacy – but not Iubenda. We can help you select data security and retention measures for different activities, bring them into compliance with GDPR, define the roles of the members as well as generate internal security documentation (in development).

CMS Plugins for Automating Prior Blocking

Since many laws require automatic scripts to be blocked until the user agrees, our company has taken care to automate this process. Owners of sites based on popular CMSs such as WordPress, Magento, PrestaShop and Joomla can take advantage of ready-made plugins, simplifying the installation process to a minimum.

Offline Viewing

If your company provides services with offline access, Iubenda ensures that users have access to proper information about privacy policies even offline.

Fast and Effective

Our solutions are not only legally sound but also incredibly fast and technically efficient. They work with Akamai’s CDN, passing hundreds of thousands of hits every day.

Easily Managed User-Friendly Dashboard

One board to rule them all.  A handy dashboard that will not only allow you to review your security policies, and usage rules, and make changes, but also synchronise them with your legal documents. In addition, you will be able to view the history of your activities on the panel.

Pros & Cons of Iubenda


  • Strong international lawyers
  • Easy and fast installation
  • A detailed description of the solutions, their functions and prices
  • Variety and scalability of solutions and bundles
  • Technical support


  • The complexity of the payment process can vary depending on the country
  • High prices for some bundles


Iubenda Customer Service Review

Dealing with the legal aspects of websites and applications in many countries around the world and several languages is not the only challenge faced by Iubenda’s creators. After all, the more functionality your solution has and the more users it has, the more technical issues you might have to deal with during integration and use. 

But just as with the legal side, the technical support is also handled perfectly! Software updates are updated in accordance with the legislation of both the EU, the USA and many other countries. Integration with popular CMSs is present. In addition, technical support for the site works following the tariff plan and, if necessary – 24/7. 

You can contact support via e-mail as well as by phone. The agents work quickly, with high quality taking care of the customer’s time. 


Iubenda Alternatives


Helps you assess whether the cookies on your website are GDPR compliant. The system simulates human behaviour on the page, clicking on links and menu buttons, and in parallel collects information about tracking cookies. The bot also automatically creates and updates cookie policies and displays a banner for consent to process data from users. The solution is free for a single domain, but with limited functionality. For the full functionality, you will have to pay starting from $9 per month.


A legal agreement generator for web, mobile, desktop, e-commerce apps, Facebook apps, etc. TermsFeed generates the necessary legal agreements and policies for online businesses and creates custom legal agreements and privacy policies based on your website and app requirements.


OneTrust is a platform for privacy, security and data management. OneTrust automates compliance with regulatory privacy requirements by connecting to key data sources to discover, classify and match personal data and optimise data privacy requirements.


Iubenda vs TermsFeed

Iubenda TermsFeed
Suitable for small businesses as well as companies with lots of sites, and international companies. Better suited to smaller sites and companies
Different packages with different price ranges. Larger businesses charge more, smaller sites have free offers. Relatively low user fees
Privacy policy services, cookies, public offers and more in 9 languages, policy updates automatically. Relatively small service pool


Iubenda vs Cookiebot

Iubenda Cookiebot
Simple installation and integration with popular CMSs.  Installations and settings may be a bit complicated for new customers
Different packages with different price ranges. Larger businesses charge more, smaller sites have free offers. Prices: Cookiebot offers a free trial and subscription options from 12 to 49 Euros.
Iubenda is easy to install and can be a good choice for people with 0 experience in the legislative field. Cookiebot is more suitable for people with some experience dealing with policies.


Iubenda vs OneTrust

Iubenda OneTrust
Suitable for small businesses as well as companies with lots of sites, and international companies. Suitable for small, medium and large businesses.
Flat Rate Pricing Model Per Feature Pricing Model
Different packages with different price ranges. Larger businesses charge more, smaller sites have free offers. Starting from $29/Per-Year $30/Per-Month
Privacy Policy services, Cookies, Public offers and more in 9 languages, policy updates automatically. Privacy and Data Governance, Ethics And Compliance, ESG And Sustainability, Third-Party Risk Management
Limited free trial version Limited free trial version


Iubenda vs Termly 

Iubenda Termly
Integrations with popular CMS:




High-level and quality technical support High-level and quality technical support
Limited free trial version Limited free trial version


User Reviews

Over the many years since 2011 and to this day, Iubenda has gained the trust of hundreds of thousands of users. Reviews of the company and its solutions can be found on all popular platforms, including Capterra, Trustpilot, Producthunt and many others. You can read the reviews by clicking on the links or taking a look at screenshots from these sites.

Frequenlty Asked Questions

Is iubenda trustworthy?

The short answer is: yes, it is trustworthy. 

The company was a pioneer in its field and has not stopped there since, constantly improving both the main aspect (the legal side) and the technical aspects of service provision and user support.

Do I need cookies on my website?

Most websites on the Internet use cookie technology and there is a 99% chance that your site is no exception. And if you use this technology, your site must have a cookie policy in accordance with GDPR and privacy laws. And if you collect user data, you must tell users what data you collect, store, and how you may use it.

Is Iubenda free?

Yes, Iubenda offers a free Privacy and Cookie Policy, but with some restrictions: Up to 4 services, some limited and only one per account. However, if you want the full range of services, or a specific service without any restrictions, you will have to pay. But thanks to the experience, the big number of clients and the company’s policy, the prices are quite affordable.

Do I need a Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

Privacy statements used to be an optional attribute of a website: whether it was a personal blog, a media outlet or an online shop. But due to privacy laws (such as the European GDPR or the California Online Privacy Protection Act), all websites that collect visitors’ or customers’ private information are now required to put the above policies on their sites.

Terms of Service or Terms of Use are in turn designed to protect YOUR company (website, media, business). Such an agreement spells out the terms of use of your website/application/service. That is, you inform the visitor in writing of the terms of use of your product, which they can either agree to and become a user, or refuse and leave. Site owners are not obliged to use TOS, but they can be a good help in case of a legal dispute.

Do I need a lawyer to write a privacy policy?

There is no simple answer to this question. On the one hand, if your site is a small project that doesn’t collect user data, doesn’t store it, and doesn’t plan to share it with a third party – you might be limited to the standard template that the Internet is overflowing with. 

But if your business is planning to collect data for marketing purposes, for example, or to interact in the course of business processes, it is better to consult professional lawyers who will help you to draft your privacy policy correctly in accordance with the GDPR and other laws and regulations.


When it comes to internal governance, cookie policy, privacy policy and Terms of Use, Iubenda is beyond the competition. The only thing better is a team of lawyers who write everything by hand and keep up to date with changes in the law. Iubenda is a substitute for a team of professional lawyers, but it saves you money. 

If you own a small website, Iubenda can offer you free help, albeit with some restrictions. 

Restrictions not for you? Do you own a large company or a company with offices in several countries? Then Iubenda is the only right solution. You will be able to manage all policies from one convenient dashboard and all legal texts will be regularly updated when laws change. And that means less risk of complaints, fines and litigation. 

Iubenda offers a quality team of professional lawyers and expert technical support at a laughable price.